Caching in everyday life

It is a fantastic feeling when what you are reading in theory is matched with the work you are doing.

At work, we recently had a discussion about a solution which involved data cache. The dilemma was regarding the priorities of what to cache and how much. It reminded me of a chapter in a recent book I read. It goes like this:

Caching – Forget About It:

“In the practical use of our intellect, forgetting is as important a function as remembering.” —WILLIAM JAMES

You have a problem. Your closet is overflowing, spilling shoes, shirts, and underwear onto the floor. You think, “It’s time to get organized.” Now you have two problems. Specifically, you first need to decide what to keep, and second, how to arrange it. Fortunately, there is a small industry of people who think about these twin problems for a living, and they are more than happy to offer their advice.

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