Suneel Pervez Foundation (SPF)

Suneel Pervez Foundation (SPF)

Suneel Pervez Foundation is a charity organization affiliated with the Investpal Ltd. It was formed by the Directors of Investpal Ltd to help those in need in the areas of Civil Rights and Social Action, Disaster and Humanitarian Relief, Economic Empowerment, Education and Human Rights.

In this space, we have contributed in improving the lives of various people in the above areas. Some examples include:

  1. Facilitating full education/semester fee for various students.
  2. Continuous and periodic social support to families.
  3. Paying for foodbanks and medicine charities during the pandemic.

How to Apply:

Please apply with your full case details and supporting evidence at [email protected]

Some items to include in your case (but not limited to):

  1. Your name, address and full details
  2. Amount requested (one time or frequency).
  3. Description of your case.
  4. Evidence supporting your case.

Disclaimer: We may not be able to respond to all the requests due to the sheer volume of requests we receive. If your request is approved, we will get in touch with you.